For Pigmentation and Uneven skin tonefor Oily or Combination skin

For Pigmentation and Uneven skin tone(for Oily or Combination skin)

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🌿Best For: To Get Fairer, Glowing and Healthy skin, helps to get rid of #Pigmentation, #Uneven Skin Tone #Dark Spots, #Under Eye Dark Circles #Pimple Marks and #Dullness. 🌿skin type: Oily or Combination 🌿5 Products in this kit 1. The Orange Dust and More Face Pack (50gms) 2. Potato Dust and More Face Pack (50gms) 3. Lemongrass Scrub Gel.(85gms) 4. pH Balancing Licorice Root Toner.(100ml) 5. Orange Fruit & Sandalwood Face Gel.(85gms) 🌿How To Use... 🌿Step 1. Apply Face Wash:- #Before applying the Scrub Gel / Dusts. #Whenever You Feel Oil or Dirt on your face. 🌿Step 2. Apply Scrub Gel (twice a week) After washing your face with face wash, apply a thick layer of the scrub gel. let it on for 10 to 15 minutes (until it dries up.) Then remove it rubbing off with wet fingers. (On the day when you are applying scrub gel, skip applying Dusts Face Pack.) 🌿Step 3. Apply Dusts (Face Pack) Mix a table spoon of the powder with either of the following. (1st) Preference fruit/vegetable Juice. a)Orange juice. b)Potato juice. c)Crushed Tomato. d)lime juice + water. (2nd) Preference Fat free Curd. (3rd) Last option, Rose water or Plain water, to make an even-smooth paste, leave it in the bowl for 10 minutes. After washing your face (with face wash,) apply a thin layer of the paste. Wash it off with mild scrubbing after 20 to 25 minutes (This time with plain water only.) Do not use any soap/face wash etc for next 2 hours. for best results apply daily, or at least twice a week. TIP... You can extract one glass full of Orange fruit juice (or any fresh fruit/vegetable juice) and refrigerate it in an ice tray....And can use these ice cubes to mix with the dusts and make the paste, for up to a week. 🌿Step 4. Apply Toner... Soak a cotton ball in the toner and apply on your face... Also apply it each time before applying the Gel. Let Toner dry and then apply the gel. Store the Toner in refrigerator (but not in ice maker.) 🌿Step 5. Apply Face Gel : #After washing off the dusts (next to toner.) #After your morning bath. #Before going to sleep, for overnight. You can go out while wearing it. it is all natural, non sticky, oil free and chemical free. Gets absorbed within seconds.

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